Do you love to ride? Then gather your reins and mount up to join us for our first ever equine event!

We invite you to ride out, to raise vital funds for your local air ambulance. You and your steed can hack out in your own time, from and to wherever you like. 100 miles in August is the challenge, can you hack it? No need to box anywhere just Tack2Hack!

Between 1st and 31th of August 2021.

100 miles in August, works out at 3 miles a day or you can do longer rides at the weekend.

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance needs you! Let’s embrace the freedom of riding. Take up the challenge to benefit both your fitness and restore your mental, physical, and emotional balance.

Everyone who registers will receive a free t-shirt, Hi Vis arm bands and mile tracker form to help record your progress. Those who raise over £150 will also receive a beautiful sash for their horse.

It costs £9 million every year to run our service, with limited funding from the government we rely on the generosity and support of the local community to be able to remain operational. Every step you take and pound you raise through this challenge will help us to continue to bring the hospital to the patient.

To register your interest for this event please join the Facebook group or sign up here. If you have any questions about the challenge please read our FAQs below or if you need to speak to a member of the team please email [email protected] and we will try to get back to you within 48hrs.

Tack2Hack Facebook Group »

If you don’t use Facebook click the button below to download your sponsorship form and start raising funds for Tack2Hack.

Sponsorship Form »

You can also download your Mile Tracker Form using the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You may have questions about the challenge. If you need to speak to a member of our team, you can email [email protected] – we will try to get back to you within 48hrs. In the meantime, you can read our FAQs below.

How do I sign up?

To sign up to the challenge, Tack2Hack group by clicking


  1. Once you’re in the group, you can sign up for your t-shirt here, set up your fundraiser, be inspired and find out anything you want to know about the challenge!

I don’t have Facebook but want to take part. How do I do this?

No problem! Simply fill out the registration form here.

We will send you a fundraising pack and t-shirt and you can set up an online fundraiser with Just Giving.

I’ve just signed up, now what?

Firstly, join the Facebook Group we set up for this challenge www.facebook.com/groups/tack2hackaugust/

Once you’re in the group, you can sign up for your t-shirt here, set up your fundraiser, be inspired and find out anything you want to know about the challenge!

Is there an entry fee?

There is no entry fee for this challenge. We do however ask you to fundraise a minimum of £150 as part of your challenge. Facebook Fundraisers are the easiest way to raise money. You can set one up in a few seconds set up your fundraiser. And then it’s really easy to share the page with your Facebook friends.

Is there a fundraising target?

We have £150 minimum challenge we would like you to raise.

How do I raise money?

Facebook Fundraisers are the easiest way to raise money. You can set one up in a few seconds set up your fundraiser. And then it’s really easy to share the page with your Facebook friends.

Can I just raise money offline with a sponsorship form?

Absolutely. You can collect sponsorship in any way you like. We simply recommend set up your fundraiser, for this challenge as they’re easy and hassle-free, but if you’d like a sponsorship form, please email [email protected].

What is a Facebook Fundraiser?

As well as fundraising offline, you can now hold a fundraiser on Facebook.  It’s simple to set up and very easy for friends and family to donate to it without having to leave Facebook.

Set up your Facebook fundraiser by clicking set up your fundraiser.

Make sure you’ve selected Essex & Herts Air Ambulance as your charity and don’t forget to add Tack2Hack to your Fundraising page title so we can easily find you!

How do I edit the date of my Facebook Fundraiser?

Facebook Fundraising pages are automatically set to run for just 14 days. After that, they will close and you won’t be able to collect any more donations.

You need to manually change the date to 31st August 2021.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your fundraising page
  2. Click “Edit” under the main image and headline
  3. Scroll down to the box that says “Set the End Date”
  4. Select the date – 31st August 2021.
  5. Then click Save in the top right.

My fundraiser ended before I finished the challenge. Can you re-start it?

It’s really important that you edit the end date of your fundraiser before it finishes, because once it does, there’s no way to re-start it. Facebook Fundraisers are automatically set to run for just 14 days by Facebook. Unless you edit the end date, your fundraiser will automatically end, regardless of where you are in your challenge! However, if this does happen, you can still set up a new fundraiser to raise money for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance – and we’ll know that your fundraising is split between the two.

Can I raise money on another online platform like Just Giving?

Yes, if you would like. Facebook sends the money directly to us and doesn’t charge you or us any fees, but if you would like to set up a fundraising page on another online platform, we recommend Just Giving be sure to let us know this is what you’re doing by emailing [email protected]

How do I get my free t-shirt?

We’ll send you a t-shirt and fundraising pack after you put your address and t-shirt size in sign up for your t-shirt here.

My t-shirt doesn't fit / I ordered a different size. Can you change it?

Of course. Please email [email protected]  to let us know what size you received, and what size you need. We’ll then send a new t-shirt with an envelope to return the other. Please note there may be a delay as we are a small team.

When will I get my fundraising pack and t-shirt?

We will dispatch all fundraising packs and t-shirts weekly. You should expect to see your fundraising pack and t-shirt within 10 working days of registering.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, there may be some delay in the receipt of your pack. If you haven’t received you pack within 10 days, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll follow up for you.

What is in my fundraising pack?

An Essex & Herts Air Ambulance t-shirt (this could be red or yellow, please note this cannot be exchanged for another colour) x2 hi vis arm bands, and mile tracker calendar.

My family want to do the challenge with me. Can they have t-shirts?

That’s brilliant! If they’re fundraising too, simply ask them to fill out the registration form here and we will send those fundraising packs and t-shirts.

If they’re not fundraising and just taking on the challenge with you, we ask that you email [email protected].

How do I keep track of how many miles I've done?

Equilab, Horse Riding Tracker, are great apps for keeping track of your challenge. Once your home, use the tracker in your pack to record what you did.

Please note we are unable to monitor or train in the functionality of these apps and you will be responsible for use. These are just examples not recommendations.

What if I don't complete the challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself. Do as much as you can.

Can I start late or early?

Of course! So long as you’re complete 100 miles in 30 days, it doesn’t matter if you start early, late or need to miss a day in August.

Where will my friends' money go?

Directly to us at Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. You don’t have to worry about this. It happens automatically through Facebook.

Someone I know accidentally donated to my Facebook Fundraiser. Can you issue them a refund?

Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds – Facebook must do this. People can request a refund themselves from Facebook by following the below steps:

Send them this link: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/162031714239823

  1. Select — I donated to a fundraiser on Facebook
  2. Select — I want a refund for my donation(s)
  3. Select — I donated by accident. Find their donation in the dropdown and request the refund.

Do I have to prove I’ve completed the challenge?

You don’t need to prove you’ve completed the miles – we trust you! You can post videos, pictures and updates on your Facebook Fundraiser and in the group though, so we can see and congratulate you on your progress. Sharing updates is also a great way to show those who have sponsored you that you’re committed to completing the challenge.

How do I pay in my fundraising?

If you’ve collected offline fundraising, the easiest way to pay this to EHAAT is by donating on our website. You can do this by clicking here

Make sure to say that your money is for your Tack2Hack challenge and your name so that we can make sure it is added to your total.

If you’re not able to donate this way, then drop us an email to [email protected]  and we can discuss other ways of getting the donation to us.

How do I send you my sponsorship form?

If you’ve collected cash donations and have a completed sponsorship form, do scan and email this to us at [email protected]  so we claim any gift aid. If you’re not able to scan or send us a clear photograph, drop us an email anyway and we can let you know where to send your form via post.

Will I get a Sash?

We’ll be certain to celebrate your achievements at the end of the challenge… yes, you will receive a sash if your minimum fundraising target is met!

Terms and conditions

The following rules (“Rules”) apply to the ‘Tack2Hack’ Event which is organised by Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT). By participating in this event, riders and leaders who enter (“Entrant/s”) will be deemed to have understood these Rules and Terms and Conditions and to be bound by them. The suggested ride is 100 miles long and the route is decided by the rider. The route chosen is at the owner’s risk and is ridden in their own time alone or in company.

  1. Eligibility/Rules

Tack2Hack is open to anyone to enter.

  • Entry is free and places cannot be transferred to another entrant or deferred to next year.
  • All horses used must be in good health and of a fitness level to complete the challenge.
  • Entrants take part at their own risk. Whilst all reasonable written rules have been outlined here by the charity to ensure the safety of entrants and horse, the charity cannot be held accountable for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever sustained by owners/entrants or horses, during the event.
  • Prior and during the event, entrants should take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of others and will comply promptly with any safety or other instructions given by the event organisers.
  • Entrants must take responsibility for their own welfare, including choosing when they should cease the ride should their or their horse’s health or safety suggest it would be wise.
  • Entrants acknowledge that there may be traffic on their chosen route and they should observe all road safety rules.
  • Correct safety equipment must be worn by entrants including a correctly fitted riding hat to current safety standards (PAS 015 (1998/2011) with BSI kitemark. We suggest wearing a body protector conforming to (EN13158) BETA Level 3 or to the latest Pony Club UK guidance if different.
  • When riding out hi vis should be worn by entrant and horse.
  • Entrants leading another horse or horses will be experienced in doing so and understand the safety aspects of controlling all horses to the best of their ability to avoid accident to horse and entrant and are responsible for all horses and entrants under their care.
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the entrant/owner of the horse and the charity cannot be held accountable for any injury, loss or damage sustained by owners, entrants or horses.
  • Entrants should take responsibility for dressing appropriately for the ride and for the weather conditions including correct clothing and footwear.
  • Entrants are to use correctly fitted tack in good condition.
  • Entrants are to make sure their horse is comfortable on the ride and retire if circumstances dictate.
  • Entrants undertake to take notice of, and abide by, any further instructions or restrictions sent to them by the event organisers.
  • The charity reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the format of Tack2Hack where this may become necessary due to circumstances out of our control.
  • Entrants acknowledge that this is an event throughout August and not a race.
  • Under 18’s cannot be part of the Facebook group but can register and take part.
  • The charity is committed to protecting the privacy of entrants. In order to manage and administer the event, the organisers must collect personal information on those wishing to take part. This information, collected at the point of registration includes:
    • Name – so that entrants may be identified;
    • Address – so that information may be posted;
    • Age – to ensure that entrants meet the minimum requirements for taking part;
    • Mobile phone number – so that information may be despatched via phone or text.
    • Personal data is collected in line with the Data Protection Act and GDPR guidelines.
    • Your data may be used to contact you about further events or news about the Charity. If you do not wish to hear from the Charity after this event please make this clear on the entry form.
    • Please ride on allocated bridleways and permitted routes.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree that all photographs/imagery submitted to EHAAT will remain the property of EHAAT at all times and will be used by EHAAT for future promotional purposes.

Your support is valuable to us as together we can help keep saving lives. If you are happy for us to stay in touch please let us know. Please be assured your details will not be passed on to third parties for their own use, but only to support the charitable objectives of Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. You can opt out of receiving communications at any time by calling 0345 2417 690.

Call us: 0345 2417 690

Lottery Hotline: 0345 2417 688

Donate: Text ‘HELI’ to 70588 to give £5

You will be charged £5, plus your standard network rate. 100% of your donation will go to Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT). By texting, you agree that EHAAT may phone or text you to tell you about our work. If you would prefer not to hear from us again, text HELI NO to 70588.

Stay connected

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