Men’s Health Week 2019

19 June 2019

For Men’s Health Week (10th – 16th June) we chatted to members of the staff and clinical team to find out how they keep themselves healthy, whether that be physically or mentally.

“In my role it is all too easy to drive to work and spend a day in front of a computer screen and on the phone before driving home again, so I try to make time for physical exercise. I think it’s important to take a break from what you are doing in order to stay mentally fresh and creative, and there is plenty of space around the office at Earls Colne to take a lunchtime stroll with colleagues. Once a week I go to ballroom dancing lessons with my wife, exercising the brain and the body. I also go to Tai Chi classes. It’s a deceptively hard form of exercise and is really relaxing when you are in a large group all doing the same moves. I enjoy gardening, although I’m more of a manual labourer than a plant grower, and cycle from time to time. When you spend so long indoors working, I think it’s good for your physical and mental wellbeing to get out and exercise in the fresh air.” – Gavin Sherriff, PR Officer.

“Working for EHAAT is extremely rewarding but there’s no denying we’re involved in some tragic and traumatic situations. This can create a high level of acute or prolonged stress. I find it important to have an outlet to work through this stuff, and for me this comes through exercise and taking time to enjoy the finer things and in life with my family, friends and dog.

I do what makes me feel good – trying to do as much activity as possible but still enjoying the odd pie and a pint. I notice my mood and focus drop if I don’t get outside enough for a leg stretch and fresh air. I try to integrate exercise into my daily routine as much as I can, walking or running with my wife and dog and regular body weight exercises. I’ve recently started going to a local climbing wall. This is a great all over body workout and really focuses the mind away from work and daily stresses.

Many of the EHAAT team are active and we often swap training ideas. Last year Lou, Joe and I completed a half marathon wearing our fight suits, which was good physical exercise, but above all, created a feeling of togetherness between us and the Charity.” – Scott Wallman, Critical Care Paramedic.

“Back in December 2018 I decided to join David Lloyd Clubs. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made as it has got me on a great pathway to a fit and healthy lifestyle. When I’m at the club I get involved in various activities such as weights, classes and even recently started learning how to play tennis, which I’m thoroughly enjoying as I love a good challenge. All of this fitness allows me to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, but also a clear mind to enable me to keep focused when working for EHAAT.” – Will Hordley, Co-Pilot.

“As a single man living on my own and so having lots of spare time, I try to keep mentally active, mostly by reading as much possible, mainly autobiographies and the like. I also tend to watch some TV, including nature and wildlife programmes, as well as some real life programmes like ‘Inside the Ambulance’ and ‘Air Ambulance.

Physically, I try to exercise as much as possible by taking walks in the morning before work around the common where I live and sometimes walking to the town at weekends to do my shopping. As I suffer with COPD, I cannot do too much in one go, but that is getting easier as time goes on. I tend to walk 2 to 4 miles a day at the warehouse, moving the stock and stacking the shelves, and I am sure the exercise is improving my physical ability to carry out my duties.” – Paul Sommerville, Warehouse Assistant.

“Running twice a week keeps me both physically and mentally fit, however it also helps when we land in a built up area and need to travel a fair distance to scene. I don’t want to be exhausted by the time I arrive!” – Drew Welch, Pre-hospital Care Doctor.

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