London Marathon: Sam Bush

Sam Bush

We recently caught up with Sam to find out his reasons for running the London Marathon for EHAAT and see how his training is going.

Why did you choose to run the marathon for EHAAT?

I got my place in the marathon through my work ballot. I didn’t need to run for a charity, but I chose to run for EHAAT due to needing their services. Four and a half years ago I was out cycling with some mates. I’m not a cyclist, but we do it once a year as we don’t see each other a lot. I was riding near Ingatestone and the road had been taken up for the Tour de France. We went down one of the roads that hadn’t been re-laid. I don’t remember the accident at all, but the friend who was next to me said it looked like I lost control of my bike. I came off, knocked myself out, injured my wrist, took all the skin off my arm, hit my face (here) where I now have a scar and obtained other injuries. None of my friends are Police Officers (like myself) so didn’t know how to deal with this situation. My sisters’ boyfriend ran to the pub to get a defibrillator. There happened to be a Doctor in the pub which was lucky. Someone rang 999 and EHAAT were dispatched. The helicopter wasn’t able to land, but it hovered over us until the land ambulance arrived. I spent two weeks in hospital and then went through months of rehabilitation.

Have you done any long distance running before? Or any similar challenges?

Nope – the furthest I’ve run is about 10km. I played football and rugby before though so I have some level of fitness. I’m not too worried. It’s just getting the miles done.

How is the training going? Are you following a specific plan?

I need to get my body used to running, so that’s what I’m doing at the moment. My sister’s boyfriend does a lot of long distance running so he is helping me out. I’ve also got friends that are helping me who’ve run the marathon before. I need to get Christmas out the way and then focus properly. I know I’ll be able to complete it.

How do you plan to fundraise?

I have a JustGiving page which has a few donations so far. I’ve been sharing that on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been told people donate more the closer to the event it gets. My sister’s boyfriends hosts quizzes so I will jump on that. I will also ask my work if they will match-fund my donations.

Any tips for anyone thinking of taking up running?

If you’re unfit, don’t run too fast too soon. I was meant to do the last marathon, but I didn’t get my place to January. I was overweight and more unfit, so I didn’t have enough time to train. I tried to rush it and failed. Train slowly and smart. But I’m not Mo Farah, so that could be absolute rubbish advice.

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